Patent Calls, Inc

Patent Calls helps inventors and companies that have funded early stage research and development to obtain a financial return on their innovations without having to experience the pains of litigation. Patent Calls matches inventors with buyers who are ready to provide patent owners with immediate, significant financial returns in recognition of their hard work and accomplishments.

For companies set on realizing direct returns based on reasonable license usage payments, Patent Calls is the source for expert and strategic intellectual property services setting the stage for success. Patent Calls’ services include all aspects of patent monetization and strategic advisory services, including patent needs analysis, asset identification, valuation, negotiation, diligence, and licensing strategy development and deployment using proprietary research tools, reverse engineering processes, subject matter experts, licensing expertise and a network of client vendors and support services. Full service, turn-key offerings provide investors and patent owners with actionable feedback throughout all phases of patent monetization, providing clients with the business and expert support they need to complement the legal services they receive from some of the world's best law firms.

NOTE: Patent Calls does not provide legal services nor legal due diligence. We work with business legal counsel.